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Bling Bling REAL ESTATE is an international comprehensive REAL ESTATE service platform. The group is headquartered in Dubai and is committed to provide online and offline one-stop real estate services for the government, enterprises, investors, groups and individual consumers.

The business covers the whole industry chain comprehensive services, such as pre-sale housing transaction, second-hand housing brokerage, house leasing, one-stop entrusted management of overseas real estate, diversified real estate portfolio, high-end real estate investment consultant, real estate agency and so on.

Headquartered in the commercial core of Dubai, the group has reached long-term strategic partnership with more than 100 well-known developers, and is authorized to act as an agent for all types of property including commercial real estate, private villas, residential buildings, high-end apartments, land and buildings.

The network service covers all regions and reaches deep into the community to ensure that each customer is provided with accurate, timely and in-depth professional services.
Bling Bling adheres to the principle of integrity, adhering to the mission of creating a shining home with customers, and providing customers with the best service quality. While striving to become the industry leader, we also hope to become a brand trusted by customers and respected by the public, and become the preferred service provider of Dubai real Estate for customers.

Bling Bling believes in the people-oriented team culture, respects talents, creates a professional team, and strives to provide practitioners with broad career and a development space. With a positive and open mind, we will join hands with elites from all walks of life to build a platform and seek a common development.
Bling Bling will always take the interests of customers as the center, and strive to make industry information more transparent, service process more convenient, and make customers feel more secure in buying homes.

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